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About Kaitakusha

Kaitakusha was founded in 1927 by Naoe Naganuma, the authority on language teaching, with the co-operation of prominent linguists in Japan and abroad, with a view to enhancing and improving language education in Japan.

Working together with The Institute for Research in Language Teaching, which was established under the presidency of Dr. Harold E. Palmer, who was engaged in introducing reforms in English teaching in Japan, Kaitakusha brought out the publications of the Institute together with its own unique publications.

These number hundreds of volumes since the company's foundation, and Kaitakusha has been taking the lead in contributing greatly towards the development of language teaching in Japan as well as drawing the attention of extensive English teaching circles abroad.

Idiomatic and Syntactic English Dictionary (ISED), compiled by Albert S. Hornby and two others, was the first English-English dictionary for learners of English as a second language in the world. British publishers reprinted ISED and English through Actions by H. E. Palmer & Dorothe´e Palmer. Thinking in English, compiled by J. S. Kennard, was used as a textbook in Asian countries such as India and Malaysia.

Our recent publications extend to school textbooks, original dictionaries, and various titles on linguistics, literature, and language teaching.

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