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Key Concepts of Experimental Pragmatics

Yoichi Miyamoto Masatoshi Koizumi Hajime Ono Kazuko Yatsushiro Uli Sauerland
First published:
2022 / 11 / 16
Price (in Japan only):
8,000 yen (Tax Not Included) (364 pages)


The last two decades have seen “Experimental Pragmatics” emerge as one of the most exciting and interdisciplinary linguistic disciplines. The field combines technological advances in data acquisition with formal pragmatic models and has already made rapid progress in numerous age-old areas of pragmatics, especially implicatures, reference, vagueness, and presupposition theory. One area where progress has been limited is cross-linguistic pragmatic study, for geographical reasons: Experimental Pragmatics originated in Europe, particularly in Germany. In this respect, as a well-studied and non-European language, Japanese represents an ideal cross-cultural comparative language. Within this context, this volume presents a collection of papers with illuminating research outcomes from Japanese and European research collaborations. The editors and authors hope that this volume stimulates discussions in these exciting linguistic fields.


From the Editors

Part I Experiments in Semantics and Pragmatics

Chapter 1 Experiments and Research in Semantics and Pragmatics: Which Methods for Which Problems?
Uli Sauerland

Chapter 2 Development of Neuropragmatics
Shingo Tokimoto

Part II Methodology

Chapter 3 Event-Related Potentials
Masataka Yano

Chapter 4 Self-Paced Reading Method
Hajime Ono

Chapter 5 Experimental Pragmatics Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)
Sachiko Kiyama

Chapter 6 Cross-Linguistic Formal Pragmatics
Vera Hohaus & Margit Bowler

Chapter 7 Computational Modeling
Naho Orita

Chapter 8 Statistical Methods for Experimental Pragmatics
Akitaka Yamada

Chapter 9 Experimental Methods for the Acquisition of Pragmatics
Kazuko Yatsushiro

Part III Selected Topics

Chapter 10 Types of Disjunction: Negative Scope
Ayaka Tamura, Yoichi Miyamoto, & Uli Sauerland

Chapter 11 Reportative Markers in German and Japanese
Frank Sode, Ayaka Sugawara, & Thomas Weskott

Chapter 12 Implicature Processing
Yasutada Sudo

Chapter 13 Inferential Evidential
Yurie Hara

Chapter 14 Semantic Approaches to Clause-Type Selection
Wataru Uegaki

Chapter 15 Acquisition of Intonation and Scope
Ayaka Sugawara

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