A Lexical Licensing Analysis of the Adjectival Noun Construction Toshihiko Asaka 113
Coordination of Path Phrases in English Takumi Eguchi 142
Comparatives and Definite Noun Phrases: How to Account for their Similarities (and Differences) Yukio Hirose 161
A Minimalist Approach to Expletive Constructions in English Kunihiro Iwakura 186
A Non-Exceptional Approach to Exceptional Case-Marking in Japanese Keiichiro Kobayashi and Hideki Maki 211
A Minimalist Approach to To-Infinitival Complements in Belfast English Fuminori Matsubara 239
On "Reflexive Indefinites" in English and Japanese Koichi Nishida 266
The Acquisition of Preposition Stranding and the Compounding Parameter Koji Sugisaki and William Snyder 291
De Se Interpretation and VP Ellipsis Christopher Tancredi 308
A Comparative Study of the English Present Perfect and the German Perfekt: With Special Reference to their Differences in Co-occurrence with Adverbials Referring to a Definite Time Naoaki Wada 335
Some Typological Implications of Mongolian Resultatives Ryuichi Washio 366
What Is Great about the Great Vowel Shift?: An Optimality Theoretic View Noriko Yamane 392
[Notes and Discussion]
Conditional Clauses in Japanese and Binding Theory Yoshiki Ogawa 417
[Review Articles]
Competing Grammars in Old English (S. Pintzuk, Phrase Structures in Competition: Variation and Change in Old English Word Order) Michio Hosaka 433
Generics and Homogeneity (A. Cohen, Think Generic!: The Meaning and Use of Generic Sentences) Kozo Iwabe 461
Toward Better Design of the Language Faculty (R. Martin et al. (eds.), Step by Step: Essays on Minimalist Syntax in Honor of Howard Lasnik) Hiroyuki Tanaka 481
A Derivational Approach to Interpretation of Wh-Constructions (A. Simpson, Wh-Movement and the Theory of Feature-Checking) Naoto Tomizawa 511
Economy Conditions at Syntax-Semantics Interface (D. Fox, Economy and Semantic Interpretation) Keiko Yoshida 536
Editorial Notes 562
Index to Volume 19 (2002) 563


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