On Passive Nominals Junji Hamamatsu 1
Reconstruction of Restrictions Hiroshi Terada 23
Economy of Derivation and Its Application Etsuro Shima 56
Causative Have and Experiential Have Kazuko Inoue 73
On the English Pluperfect: Does It Really Represent the Pre-preterite Tense? Naoaki Wada 96
The Semantics of Depictives Tadao Maruta 125
A Cognitive Study of Resultative Constructions in English Yuko Horita 147
Invariance Again: What Is Preserved in a Metaphorical Mapping? Seizi Iwata 173
A History of Not: The Change from a Phrase to a Head Kazuhisa Ishikawa 197
On the Verb-Forming Prefix un- Shigeyasu Sawada 222
Accentuation of -ory, -ire, and -ion Hideki Zamma 248
[Notes and Discussion]    
Implicature of Not ... Until Hiroaki Tanaka 272
[Review Articles]    
On the Relationship between Morphology and Phonology: Interactionism VS. Noninteractionism (S. Hargus and E. M. Kaisse, eds., Phonetics and Phonology 4: Studies in Lexical Phonology) Masahide Ishihara 279
The History of Verb Movement (I. Roberts, Verbs and Diachronic Syntax: A Comparative History of English and French) Masayuki Ohkado 299
Scope in Minimalist Syntax (J. Aoun and Y.-H. A. Li, Syntax of Scope) Noriaki Yusa 319
Editorial Notes   347

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